Smart Coupon Requirements

Smart Coupon was created to target specific customers based off of their purchase history.  It will create individualized coupons for specific customers for specific items.

Who and how are we targeting

  • Member who are email subscribers
  • Items will be identified using logic and it will be associated with the correct % off coupon
  • Smart Coupons will populate a module in Daily Deals email for identified customers

Customer Experience

  • Receives email
  • Clicks on product in email
  • If signed in will go to product page and coupon is automatically saved to account
  • If signed out will be taken to sign in page
    • Once signed in coupon is automatically saved to account and sent to product page
  • On product page
    • Discounted price will be shown only to targeted customer
    • No coupon code shown
    • If original price goes up or down messaging will be shown to notify customer
  • Add to cart
    • Discount is not shown here or shipping page
  • Checkout- coupon already saved to customer
    • They do not have to enter a code - auto applied
    • They will see discount they will not see coupon code
    • They will be able to toggle between this coupon and other available coupons

*Currently only deployed to 1000 customers*

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