What is a wish list?

A wish list puts your favorite products on Rakuten.com at your fingertips, ready when you are. Your wish list can be shared with others or kept to yourself, and you can make a wish list for anyone, for any reason; collect gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions.

How can I add items to my wish list?

To add items while you shop the site, use the "Add to Wish List" button provided beneath the "Add to Cart" button on all our listings.

How can I check my wish list?

To access your wish list, please do the following:
1. Click the "My Account" drop down menu at the top of any page
2. Click "Wish List"                                                                                                
3. Log into your Rakuten.com account.


How can I switch between "Purchased" and "Unpurchased" items?

If you want to purchase or remove items in your wish list, use the drop down menu to switch between "Purchased" and "Unpurchased" items.

How can I purchase or remove items from my wish list?

Next to the products, you will have the option to add them to your cart for purchase, or delete from your list. You can also click on the "View Details" button to see the listing and add the item to your cart.


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