Am I able to get a sales tax exemption? provides tax exemptions for the taxes paid on orders you bring to our attention as long as they were placed within the past 30 days. does not refund for taxes paid on orders over 30 days old as the taxes have already been remitted to the state at that time.

To get a tax exemptions associated to your account or for an order, please follow these instructions:

Government Agencies and Nonprofit Organizations:

Option 1:

Please submit a clear photocopy of your tax exempt credit card to

Please make sure that the tax exempt text and only the last four digits of your card number are visible on the copy. The government agency or nonprofit organization must be listed in the shipping address on your order.

If your order is completed using a third party payment method, does not receive the payment information associated with that payment method. Consequently, we are unable to verify a tax exempt credit card was used for the payment and cannot accept a copy of a tax exempt credit card as proof of tax exemption.

Option 2:

While cannot accept purchase orders to place an order, we can accept them as proof of a government or nonprofit tax exemption. Please submit a clear copy of your government or nonprofit purchase order to

Please make sure the government agency or nonprofit organization is listed in the shipping address on your order or we will be unable to approve your request.


If you are a reseller, please e-mail your resale certificate to

Your shipping address must contain the same company name on your resale certificate.

You should receive a response from us by the close of the next business day after the receipt of your documents.

If you are approved for a tax exemption and placed your order using a Account, your future orders placed using this account and shipped to the address on your resale certificate will automatically have the tax exemption applied. Guest Checkout orders may only be exempt from tax after you have made your purchase. Please fax your tax exempt documents each time a Guest Checkout order is placed. To make it easier on future purchases, please create a Account that can be qualified for tax exemption and used for your tax exempt purchases.


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