When and how will I be charged for my order?


When purchasing using PayPal, your account will be charged at the time your order is processed.

Additionally, we will verify that your PayPal account has been verified and your shipping address confirmed by PayPal. While not required by all merchants that accept PayPal, Rakuten.com requests that orders using PayPal have their shipping addresses be confirmed as well as their accounts verified.

If your shipping address has not been confirmed or your account has not been verified by PayPal, your order may be cancelled for your protection.

If you would like more information on how to verify your shipping address or why your address may not be verified, please contact PayPal by phone at 1-888-389-1161 or through their Web form.

All Other Payment Methods


Rakuten.com does not charge your payment method until your order ships when you pay with any other method than PayPal.

When you place your order with a payment method other than PayPal, we check with your financial institution to see if you have funds available when processing your order. This is called an authorization, and no money is actually transferred at this stage. You can find more about authorizations below.

Once your order ships, we will charge your payment method for the item sent and any related tax or shipping charges. At this point, your financial institution will provide the funds to us.

More on Authorizations

An authorization is the process by which we verify with your financial institution that the account being used to pay for the order is open, valid, and has the neccessary funds. Although the authorized funds are not given to us, most financial institutions hold these funds as a "pending transaction" on an online balance sheet and they are not available for use unless the authorization is released.

Most financial institutions will release the held funds back to your account for any unshipped items after a few days. The amount of days it takes for this is determined by your financial institution.

While authorization holds are a standard banking industry practice with regard to electronic transactions, there are some circumstances that can result in possible confusion or even overdraft fees. While we have some additional tips below to help avoid these circumstances, if you have any questions about using a debit card for authorization holds or Web payment processing, please contact your financial institution as they will be best to assist you with you in regards to their specific policies.

Shipping After the Authorization is Released
If your financial institution lets the authorization hold fall off before we are able to finalize your order, the funds that were held for this purpose would then appear to be available for other purchases again. This can be especially important when your order has backordered items, as these transactions will only be complete when your backordered items are shipped.

To avoid any complications, please be sure your funds are available in your account at the time the order ships.

Shipping Before an Authorization is Released
If your order is finalized and the bank is slower in dropping the authorization hold, there is the potential for the order total being deducted from your account while your authorized funds are still held. This could tie your up your available balance funds equal to double the total order amount.

If there are not enough total funds in the account to satisfy the pending amount, the transferred amount, and any other unrelated transactions that may be made during this period, an overdraft fee could be issued by your financial institution.

Why do I have multiple charges for my order?

If you need additional assistance with your billing, please contact us and we will be glad to help. Otherwise, we have provided the most common reasons for this to be the case below.

Orders for a Single Item
If you only ordered one item and see multiple charges, it could be the initial authorization and final billing you see. Rakuten.com initially authorizes credit or debit card payments to assure that funds are available, but do not receive any funds from the financial institution in the process. To confirm if this is the case, please review your bank statement to see how this billing is being labeled.

Orders for Multiple Items
Because Rakuten.com only bills debit or credit cards when your item ships, orders for multiple items that ship separately may also bill separately. You can review your receipt to see if this is the case.


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