How do I update the billing information of an active order?


If we are unable to authorize your payment method due to the information provided, you will be notified by email to correct the payment information.

To correct the payment information on an active order, please:

  1. Access your order history
  2. Click on "Click here" link in the "Order Status" message "Unfortunately, we were unable to authorize your payment. To update your payment, please Click here"
    Click on 'Click here' link
  3. Log into your account
  4. Make the necessary changes to your billing information
  5. Click the "Resubmit Information" button to complete your transaction
    Click the 'Resubmit Information' button to complete your transaction

Your information will now be updated and your payment reprocessed. If the system responds with a match, the order will continue to process.

Should you need to update your payment information in this way, you may see multiple authorizations as we try to preprocess your payment. We immediately reverse all authorizations made during this process, so please contact your card provider for more information on removing any remaining authorizations as this would be due your financial institution's policies.


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