How do I create a strong password?

Your information is important and should be kept secure. A strong password is an important tool in keeping your information secure from parties that seek to misuse it.

Keeping your password secure is a pretty obvious security step, but what makes a password strong so it is hard to crack?

SplashData’s annual “Worst Password” list shows creating a strong password is a challenge.

Here are some helpful tips that will help ensure you have a strong password at

Use a Password Unique to

You could find yourself overly exposed if your password is compromised and you use it elsewhere. By creating a password unique to, you can assure that your information will not be compromised because your information was compromised elsewhere.

Change Your Password Frequently

If you change your password frequently, you can assure your security by making sure your passwords are only vulnerable for small windows of time before they are changed again.

Use Long Passwords

The more time it takes to crack your password, the more likely a criminal can be caught in the act. Making your password longer adds more variables that a would be hacker would have to explore to compromise your account. That makes your information a less appealing target.

Explore Your Keyboard

Besides using capital and lowercase letters, your keyboard is full of fun characters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols (e.g. @, ^, ~, `, |, \, etc.). By using these, you add more variables to your password, making it harder to crack. Try it by substitutin letters or symbols for numbers and vice versa.

Avoid Sequences

Repetitive combinations (e.g. 969696, 8888, !!!, etc.) or common patterns (e.g. qwerty, 123456, 987564, etc.) should be avoided. Their regular use makes them prime targets for unsavory types.

Don't Use Personal or Common Information

If your information has been compromised, even more can be accessed by an educated guess if you use personal information in your passwords. The same could happen if you use passwords based on things other people frequently enjoy. Try to avoid things like your favorite sports teams, movies, super heroes, birth year, pet, or family member name, and the like.

If you would like to test your password’s strength, you can use this free service to see how long it would take to crack your password:


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