How can I track my order?


Whenever an order you placed through ships, you can expect a shipment confirmation email with all your tracking details. It will be sent to the email address registered with your Account, or used during the guest checkout process.

To check your tracking information using your order history (available for both account holders and guests):

  1. How can I see my order history?
  2. Locate the order for which you wish to find tracking
  3. Locate the tracking for your order beneath the order status of the item for 30 days after it is received
    The tracking for your order will display beneath the order status of the item for 30 days.

Delivery by USPS

If budget or free shipping was selected as the shipping method or your item is being delivered by USPS, tracking may not always be available or may be unavailable until the package has been delivered.

Please wait the full time period designated by the shipping method you chose before following up about your package.

What if my Tracking is Invalid?

We receive all of our tracking information from the seller of your item.

Please contact the seller of your item for assistance should your tracking be invalid, not link properly, not update, or should the order not be delivered in the time stated. They can help with any replacements or corrections to tracking.


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