What is My Coupons?

With a Rakuten.com account, you can save coupons for later use as long as they are used before their expiration date. Coupons will be advertised through our exclusive promotional emails our website event pages.

To save a coupon, please:

1. Click the "My Account" drop down menu at the top of any page

2. Click “My Coupons” and log into your Rakuten account

3. Enter the coupon code in the text box “Coupon Code” and press “Save Coupon”

4. Once a coupon has been added, a confirmation message will appear if the coupon was added successfully.

5. The coupon will be saved and can be used until the date shown under “Valid”. Once the coupon has expired, it will no longer appear in “My Coupons”

Using a Saved Coupon at Check-out

Once a coupon has been saved to “My Coupons”, it will appear at check-out as long as it is valid for the product you are purchasing and has not expired.

To use a saved coupon at check-out, please:

1. Select the coupon you would like to use under “Coupons” on the Payment page of check-out

2. Once selected, it will display the discount amount beneath the selected coupon

3. The coupon discount will also appear in the payment breakdown located on the upper right side of the payment page


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