How can I rate a Seller?

Rakuten encourages all its customers to leave ratings and feedback for the sellers from which they purchase items!

The feedback from our customers becomes a valuable tool for all of our customers to determine the quality of that seller as they can be viewed from the Rakuten Seller's listings. Additionally, Rakuten will deactivate any seller whose rating drops below 3 stars.

How to Leave Seller Feedback

To leave feedback for a seller after accessing your My Orders, please:

1. Locate the item from the seller you would like to review

2. Click the "Write Seller Review" link, which will only appear after your order status shows “Shipped

3. A pop-up will appear to leave a Seller Review

4. Select the star rating you are leaving for the seller

5. Leave a comment explaining why you like or dislike this seller

6. Under “Review Headline”, leave a subject line for your review

How to Review Your Feedback on the Seller's Page

You can see your review on the seller's information page. To locate it, please:

1. From your “My Orders”, locate the order you left a review

2. Click the seller name next to “Contact Seller” or click on the item image to go the item listing

3. On the upper left side of either selection, you can click on the star rating to see your seller review

4. Here you will see all customer feedback we have received on a seller. Because a seller review is pushed live within minutes, you should be able to see your review shortly after providing it

Altering, Deleting, or Updating Reviews does not currently allow for the deletion of reviews; however, reviews may be updated.

To update or change a review you left previously, please:

  1. Go back to “My Orders” and locate the order you left a review
  2. Click “Edit Seller Review” to update or change your previous review


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