What if I have not received my order?

Has the order been processed?

If you have not received your order, please check to see if you order is still processing using your Rakuten.com Account's order history.

If your item in your order history shows the status “Delayed”, please contact the seller to get more information on the status of your order.

If you do not hear from seller after 1 business day, please contact us for more information about the status of your order as it may not have been transmitted to the seller yet.

Has the order been shipped?

If you have not received your order and it does not show as “Awaiting Shipment” in your order history, please check that your order has a status of "Shipped" and you have received tracking.

The tracking information is provided to us by the seller of your item, who also manages the contract with the carrier who will deliver your item.

If your order has shipped, please contact the seller with any issues regarding tracking, including:

  • Tracking not updating
  • Invalid tracking
  • Orders not received within the shipping speed timeframes

The seller will be able to help you with any refunds or replacements for any items you have not received.

Has the order been delivered?

If you have not received your order and tracking shows it has been delivered, please check around the delivery area to assure the package has not been hidden by the carrier. Carriers can sometimes deliver items to garages, porches, leasing offices, and neighbors to assure the safety of your delivered package.

If you still cannot locate the order, please contact the seller for assistance with locating the item or receiving a refund or replacement.

If your order has been delivered, but you are missing parts or accessories that are described in the listing of the item, please contact the seller as they will be able to help you with a replacement of the parts or the item.

You may also contact the manufacturer of the item in these cases, as many will provide the missing parts or accessories that are supposed to come with their items.

What if the seller does not respond?

We hold our sellers to very high standards. Please allow them 1 business day to respond to any emails or messages you leave them before taking any additional action.

In the unfortunate case that a seller is not responding to your requests for help or you are unable to reach them, please contact us and we will be glad to help you.


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