What is My Messages?

With Rakuten.com account, you can send and receive messages from sellers.   To learn how to send a message to a seller, go here.

To see your My Messages, please:

1. Click the "My Account" drop down menu at the top of any page

2. Click “My Messages” and log into your Rakuten account

3. If you have any new messages waiting for you to view, you will see a number next to “My Messages”

4. You will be able to see all of your new and old messages on this page. The newest message will appear at the top of the page

5. Click on one of your messages to see more detail

6. When you are finished viewing your message, click “Back to My Messages” to go back to the “My Messages” main page

What if I have trouble contacting a seller?

If you do not see the "Contact Seller" link or the seller is unresponsive after 2 business days, we will be glad to help.  Please feel free to contact us.


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