The Rakuten Super Points™ program is our way of thanking Rakuten account holders for their loyalty. The more qualifying purchases you make on Rakuten, the more Rakuten Super Points™ you receive!

You can check your Rakuten Super Points™ balance, transaction history, and expiration dates in “My Rakuten Super Points™.

To check your balance, transaction history, and expiration dates, please:

1. Click the "My Account" drop down menu at the top of any page

2. Click “My Rakuten Super Points” and sign into your account

3. From this page, you can keep track of your Rakuten Super Points™ activity

How can I see my Rakuten Super Points™ balance?

1. On the upper left side of the Rakuten Points Club page is your total points available for use on purchases.

2. Underneath the “Total Points” is the breakdown of Standard and Limited Time Points available for use.


How can I see when my Rakuten Super Points™ expire?

1. On the upper left side of the Rakuten Points Club page, you can view the expiration dates for your points

2. The “Expiration Time” is the date and time your points will expire. Points must be used before they expire

3. Under “Points” is how many points will expire if they are not used by the date and time provided

How can I see when my Rakuten Super Points™ Transaction History?

1. The transaction history is available below the “Points Overview”

2. You will be able to see more detailed information regarding your point history, expiration, type of points awarded, and transaction details.

There are two types of Rakuten Super Points™:

Standard Points – These are Rakuten Super Points™ earned making regular purchases on Rakuten that are not part of a Rakuten Super Points™ promotion.

Limited Time Points – These are special limited time promotional opportunities to earn a greater amount of Rakuten Super Points™ for purchases.

There is no maximum for the amount of Standard Points that may be earned on an order. For Limited Time points, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of each campaign for the maximum amount earned per promotion, account, customer, and shipping address.