How do I create a Rakuten Account?

Creating a Rakuten Account is fast, easy, and free!

1. Click the "My Account" drop down menu at the top of any page

2. Click “Create Account” 

1. Enter and confirm the email address you would like associated with your account

2. If you would like to use a Rakuten ID, uncheck the box "Use email address as Rakuten ID".  You can choose to login using a Rakuten ID instead of your email address.  For example, "Rakutencustomer".

3. Enter and confirm your password

4. Enter your first and last name 

5. Complete the "Security Test" by typing the text seen in the image

6. If you would like to receive promotional emails from Rakuten leave the box checked

7. Once you have entered the required information and agreed to our terms of use, you can start shopping with your new Rakuten Account!


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