What is Rakuten.com?

In an effort to provide our customers the broadest selection of products, Rakuten.com offers listings from independent sellers in our marketplace. If you think of Rakuten.com as a mall, these sellers function much like the individual stores within that mall.

The Order Process

When you place a Rakuten.com Marketplace order, you make a purchase directly from the seller using Rakuten’s checkout process.

Once you place your order Rakuten processes your payment, but does not share your payment information with a seller to maintain your security.

Once the payment has been processed, Rakuten notifies the seller who ships the order directly to you.

Getting Help with Your Order

For any questions related to their order or regarding items shipped by theses sellers, we encourage our customers to contact the seller and work directly with them. They are the most knowledgeable about the items they are selling, shipping methods they use, returns policy, and other such details.

We're Here to Help

You can feel secure when making a purchase from our marketplace as we take pride in carefully protecting our customers. Please contact us should any issue arise in the process of receiving your order.

Want to Become a Seller?

We are always looking for great companies with diverse merchandise to join the Rakuten.com Marketplace. For more information about how to join our team, please go here.

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