What does my order status mean?

Want to know what’s up with your order? Of course, you do! So let’s get down and dirty with just what happens behind the scenes after you click on Place Order.

NOTE: You can find the status of your order on the My Orders page in your Rakuten account. (If you don’t know how to get to My Orders, click here and we’ll help you.)

Here’s What

Processing:This means your order has not been shipped. After you place an order, we authorize payment and then transmit your order to the seller for fulfillment.

Shipped:This means your order is with the carrier for shipment. You can find tracking details on your My Orders page.

Completed: The order has been completed and fulfilled. 

Cancelled:This means either you or the seller has cancelled your order. You can find details by clicking on View Order from your My Orders page.





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