What will happen to my Rakuten Super Points™ history?

Starting August 21st, all of your Rakuten Super Points™ transaction history will no longer be available to view in your "Account History." Rest assured that your Super Point™ balance will be transferred to our new Rakuten Point Club and will be available for your use! You will notice your point balance as a single transaction in the new history page.

We are currently undergoing a site transition in order to improve our customer shopping experience.  As we transition to the new platform, there will be some short-term changes in your experience.  We thank you for your patience through these adjustments and hope the impact will be small.  We’re passionate about providing you with an exceptional customer journey, and with continual improvements and iterations we can stay true to that passion!

If you have any questions regarding your Super Point™ balance, please contact us:

  •         Toll free: 800-800-0800 (M-F, 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific)
  •         E-mail: support@customersupport.rakuten.com
  •         By selecting "Contact Us" at the top right of this page

We sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding!

-The Rakuten Team

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