What does it mean when my order is Awaiting Shipment?

An order that shows as "Awaiting Shipment" in My Order is going through 2 stages, payment authorization and packaging for shipment.  Once the “Awaiting Shipment” process is complete, your order will enter into “Shipped” status.

Payment Authorization

The authorization process is when we verify that your payment is authorized to prevent fraudulent orders. This process is usually completed within minutes, but can take longer if additional verification is required.

If additional verification is needed, Rakuten will notify by email or phone with instructions on how to proceed. If no action is taken, your order will not be packaged for shipping and will eventually be cancelled.

Packaging for Shipment

After your order is authorized, Rakuten will send it to the marketplace seller to prepare the package for shipment.

The length of time it takes an item to be packaged for shipment is on the listing beneath the item's Quantity.

You can also see the “Ship by” date in My Order above “View Order Details”.

You will receive an email with your tracking information once your order has shipped.


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